Why are PGA Golfers Using CBD Oil... Unabashedly?

Aug 28, 2019 · 4 min read

A recent ESPN article detailed that not only the senior players on the tour but the PGA tour players in their prime are taking the controversial CBD oil[1] — even considering stringent drug testing which could potentially disqualify them from play if any THC (found in the marijuana plant) was found in their system.

Golf, in my opinion, employs the ultimate payment model for their athletes. If you are amongst the leaders, you get paid. That simple.

Completely different than the NBA, NFL, MLB model of let's throw a ton of cash at some young kid and hope he performs a decade later. The Phillies just signed Bryce Harper to a record 13 year, $330,000,000 contract. Dude can mash… but seriously, what player can continue for that long? Power hitters especially have a window which never lasts that long. I don’t care who you are.

Golf’s system would never allow for that type of money to be promised over that many years. Imagine if the PGA had signed young phenom Tiger Woods into a huge multi-year contract! He has put his game back together lately but took a decade off mired in mediocrity. So if you are a golfer in your prime, the urgency is there to be at your absolute best. We have seen time and again in professional sports that once an athlete gets paid a long-term guaranteed contract… his effectiveness goes down. Dramatically.

Ghostbuster great Ray Stanz (Dan Aykroyd) made a poignant statement in this regards detailing why he preferred working at the university versus facing the expectations of the private sector:

"They expect results."

Yes, PGA Golf is the rare sport that pays when your play warrants it. As does ghostbusting.

So why would a professional golfer in his prime (with no guarantee of his next paycheck) risk a failed drug test in order to take just another supplement?

I mean, there are tons of them out there right?!! I am a student of natural health and understand all too well the different trends that come and go through the years. I am also hit up to promote every new supplement under the sun! Yes, many can be quite effective.

But NEVER have I seen a supplement adopted by an entire sport. (Of course, I wouldn’t define steroid-use as a “supplement”.)

Especially intriguing that golf is such a conservative sport. Sure, when Happy Gilmore was on Tour he would have had no qualms taking a grey-area supplement like CBD oil… but Scott McCarren? Bubba Watson?

McCarren is quoted as saying that at first everyone [on Tour] was taking a “wait and see” approach. There was too much at stake if it perceivably could affect your paycheck.[2]

It started last year in the Champion’s Tour (the senior men over fifty). They do not have the rigorous drug testing to worry about like those in their prime. The results were quickly seen in early adopters. Of course, better results on the greens translated into bigger checks. When the pocketbook is involved, word travels quickly if players are gaining an edge.

‘Mental acuity’ was the most frequent answer by golfers when questioned about the primary effects of CBD oil. This is a huge advantage and the younger players were taking notice.

Few sports are as mentally strenuous as golf. Maintaining a high level of concentration over 18 holes is an art that few are able to master. Having any type of assistance in this area gives a golfer an advantage. Early users also attribute better sleep due to taking this new supplement, allowing their bodies to naturally recover and boost their concentration levels.

I think everyone can appreciate what a good night’s rest can do for their mental short game.

Why Even Take the Risk?

Our Perceptions Give Vision to our Reality 

Either right or wrong, if we perceive something a certain way… it takes a bit to change that mindset. Many avoid topics, or in this case, a supplement just to avoid the appearance of evil.

Some might even read this post and throw up their hands exclaiming that these crazy times have even taken our beloved PGA Tour and turned them into a bunch of potheads! What’s next? Fred Couples out hangin’ with the Olympic Snowboarding team in Amsterdam!

I don’t believe that’s quite the case.

I grew up in an area where marijuana use was pervasive. Surfers in Huntington Beach, for the most part, had no qualms with the THC levels in their products purchased off Orange Street. In fact, drug culture for years has argued that marijuana should be legalized and laughed at the notion that there possibly could be any lasting effects from smoking it.

There is quantifiable scientific proof that THC found in marijuana use has had an effect on the mind depending on the starting age. Even in my experience, I can see this… users are trapped in a state of ‘arrested development’.

Studies show that marijuana disrupts brain development and many comments found on my Facebook feed from old high school friends stands as a second witness. Seems heavy users are trapped in a time when they first started using. Again, speaking from my observations, but there is medical evidence to back this up.

[My friends living in Colorado will also back the findings in this Colorado State document detailing the rise of crime, impaired driving, hospitalizations and ER visits, effects on youth, and more. All attributed to the recent allowance of recreational marijuana use in their state.]

What Exactly is CBD? How is it Harvested?

CBD oil is derived from a completely different plant than the marijuana plant — however, both plants have the same Cannabis genus. But they are more like… cousins. I was blown away when someone showed me this! The stigma I associated with hemp was that if any part of it was smoked... it got you high. It was all the same to me. This mindset kept me far away from entertaining the idea of looking into CBD, let alone taking it myself.

But the buds and leaves smoked in marijuana use come from the FEMALE plant produced from hemp. However...

CBD is found predominantly in the MALE plant. If you attempted to sell portions of this plant off Orange Street, you would run into some quick problems.

Yes, there is cross-pollination to be concerned with — many times the THC finds its way to the CBD-laden male plant. Extracting the THC is costly, so beware of CBD dealers off the side of the road offering cheap CBD. Most of their stuff comes from China with about a 6-8% absorption rate.

When the Farm Bill of 2018 was passed the FDA only allowed for .03% of THC to be found in CBD products. Not nearly enough to show up positive on any drug test, yet, golfers wisely took their time and leaned on professional evaluation before supplementing with CBD. There was too much to lose. 

It’s Comparable to Religion

Studies have shown that people of faith are wired differently than those that do not profess any belief. The results found in believers was their faith blocked anxiety and proved to minimize stress. Clear benefits.

Unfortunately, there are other results also coming from the believers camp: divisiveness, legalism, pride (especially in one’s denomination), myopic tunnel vision, and more...

There is a clear argument to be made both for and against holding any type of belief. However, in my opinion, you can’t throw the baby out with the bathwater!

When done right, being a believer produces fruit such as love, hope, long-suffering, kindness, etc. These are attributes the world needs more of but they are derived within the same religious paradigm that many negative attributes also come from. We’ve all known the church-goer that could be far crueler than the dude dealing drugs off Orange!

My point is this: CBD produced from the male plant should not be discarded because it shares the same genus as the female plant responsible for THC. The hemp plant does have the potential to make 25,000 entirely different products; one of them was bound to have adverse effects, but it just falls short of the 33,000 different chartered Christian denominations on record! (In my estimation there is more than one bad egg within that number.)

My Final Thoughts

Clearer mental acuity, quicker physical recovery times, hormonal regulation, and a dramatic decrease in inflammation are impressive results. Honestly, the research continues to astound. However, because CBD is tied to the same plant that produces the psychoactive THC results, many continue to stay away and lump it in with “drug culture”. I mean the great Bubba Watson (pictured on the ESPN article) is one of the most bullish on CBD and is quick to share the immediate benefits he experienced![3]

The elderly are seeing the most immediate and profound changes. I started all of this research in an attempt to assist those older people in my life that look to me for answers to their health and wellness needs. If you are a caregiver to a parent, grandparent, etc., looking into CBD is a must.

You may ask why the PGA Tour has been the only sport to embrace this movement? Well, last I checked there were no 50+ leagues in baseball, football, hoops… (you get the picture). The senior 50+ golfers of the Champions Tour were the guinea pigs.

Now the wait and see period is over. The results prove that CBD is changing many careers of professional golfers and the sport benefits when more can find “the zone”. Their lives have clearly benefited. This will quickly be adopted into all sports. Professional athletes kick down liver-damaging anti-inflammatory drugs like candy. A natural solution has been long overdue.

What could CBD do for your life or the lives of your older loved ones?

There are too many quickly springing up and the majority get their product from China! (60% worldwide is grown there and I detail clear reasons here why it should be avoided.) Remember, CBD is not regulated by the FDA, so it’s important to get the correct facts. 

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